Our baby name list

One of my favourite topics. A name says so much about somebody doesn’t it. It gives you that first impression. It’s a big responsibility and with both babies I literally couldn’t rest until we had settled on the perfect name.

You will probably know by now that we were told up until 15 weeks that Belle was a boy (via two blood tests). Before we knew the gender we had lots of girls names and literally no boys names, just like my pregnancy with Finn. But after discovering our baby was a boy (so we thought) we both found a name we loved. We had decided to call him Chester. It’s a name but not overly common. My criteria when it comes to choosing a name. We had also decided on his middle name being William, as that was the name of my nanas dad, and I wanted to honour my nana in some way.

So that was it, we thought the difficult decision of choosing a name was over. That was until I was then told I was actually pregnant with a girl, not a boy. Suddenly the name Chester didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

I thought it would be easier naming a girl, but the issue was I like too many names, there are so many beautiful girly names to choose from. Here were our top 4:

1) Florence

2) Clara

3) Gabriella

4) Belle

Ash was pretty laid back and didn’t mind which of the above (including Belle obviously).

There were a lot of names he did rule out though. Names on my list and not on his were Piper, Aurora, Beatrice, Flora, Olive.. I could go on.

There was just something about the name Belle though (and not because I’m a die hard Disney fan, though that helped) it just gave me butterfly’s every time I thought of it. To me it’s a beautiful name, girly and simple. Belle was always at the top of the list for me, Ash liked it too though funnily enough didn’t like it when I was pregnant with Finn (though I didn’t remind him of that).

As for her middle name it was always going to be Violet after my lovely nana. For me middle names should have a meaning, my nana is one of the most special people in my life, there is not better person to name my daughter after.

So that’s how we got to Belle Violet. We were set on this name from about 25 weeks. What names did you almost use but didn’t?

Emily X

6 thoughts on “Our baby name list

  1. I really wanted Percy when I was pregnant with Arthur but my Dad and Auntie hated it😂 as much as I wouldn’t let anyone decide for me I wanted them to like it, I’m a very family orientated person.


  2. I wanted tabitha for my oldest daughter but my ex husband didn’t like it so we choose Jessica Anne & Anne is after is mum , but jess has had a name change to jess esme Louise now has her grandma has never been involved in her life .
    I was on my own when hannah was born i like helener after my dads mum but I thought she may not like that when older always wanted a biblical name so I choose hannah jade .
    Then i had a boy my final baby I wanted a biblical name again so we both liked Joel Martyn Samuel which martyn is Paul’s middle name & Samuel is after my grandad which I love so much .💗💗


  3. Oscar was always Oscar, but other boys names I love (but andrew wasn’t keen on) are Dexter, Sebastian, Jasper & Arlo.
    Eden we had such a difficult time choosing. We just couldn’t settle on a name for her! It was nearly Everly but my parents vetoed it 😂 Eventually I was persuaded on Eden when we were driving through Eden Valley in Cumbria 🤭 Other girls names I love are Wren, Indigo & Nova ❤❤


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