The very early signs and symptoms of my pregnancy

How did you know you were pregnant?

For a lot of women pregnancy symptoms are often quite strong, and usually the indicator they are pregnant and the reason for them to take a test. With both my pregnancies though the obvious symptoms that you only really hear about like the nausea, sickness and dizziness were something I didn’t experience- which of course I am grateful for. This isn’t to say I didn’t experience any symptoms though.

Back ache was a symptom I suffered from early in with both pregnancy’s and it was the symptom that made me think ‘ooo this is different, could I be pregnant?’

With my first pregnancy I thought my back ache was just down to working too hard at work! But the ache was persistent so I thought I would take a test despite feeling ok in every other sense, and low and behold it was positive.

So why is it you get back ache in early pregnancy?

I was a little confused I was experiencing this symptom to begin with. It was obvious to me you were likely to suffer back ache at the end of pregnancy due to the extra weight you carry and your body preparing to give birth, but what reason is a person to suffer back ache in the beginning? I was interested to learn that even in early pregnancy the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch to prepare your body for labour. This puts strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis, which ultimately causes the back pain. As well as this your body also produces hormones in early pregnancy that can also cause you to have back ache.

So how can you help relieve the back pains?

When your busy working or running after a toddler back ache in early pregnancy is hard to manage. Putting your feet up isn’t an option, but I found other things that really helped.

Other than the obvious option of paracetamol which will help ease the pain for a couple of hours, there are some other great ways to help relieve the pain of back ache that don’t include medication.

Every night I would take a warm bath to help ease the pain. The warm water helps to relax your muscles and release tension and of course floating in the water takes some of your body weight too. I would count the hours down in the day until I could get home and take a lovely warm bubble bath to ease the pain.

I would also take a hot water bottle to bed on a night, I would tuck it ever so slightly in my pj bottoms to help position it on my back.

The position you sleep in on a night can also help ease pain, sleeping on my side I found would put less pressure on my back. Extra pillows in bed also become your best friend! I would create almost a barrier around me taking up most of the room in the bed!! I would lay on my side hugging a pillow then have a couple of pillows propping my back to ensure I stayed on my side. Beyond comfortable in pillow heaven, however that didn’t allow much room for my husband in the bed, but I was pregnant and comfortable so the pillows stayed!

How to avoid back pain worsening?

There are things you can do to preventing back ache becoming worse which are good to know. Wearing flat shoes helps, heels can make your back ache worse. I would often wear heeled boots being pregnant in winter, as soon as I made the change to flat boots I noticed a difference.

Also avoiding standing for long periods of time should help the aches you are suffering, and ensuring you have regular breaks sitting down. Easier said than done when you are at work or running after the children but just be extra conscious.

It’s so important to look after yourself all of the time but more so in pregnancy. Your body is doing an amazing thing and needs to be treated kindly. I hope the above information is helpful and relatable to people suffering or have suffered back pain in pregnancy. Do you have any tips on what helped your back pain? I would love to hear them!

Emily X

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