My birth story with Belle

They do say no two labours are the same. I think I could be prime example of that. Finns labour three days.. Belles labour three hours…

I never thought I’d be that person to ‘shoot’ a baby out haha. Though I have always been jealous of them women with quick labours I have to tell you though not as tiring as being in labour for 3 days, they are insanely intense and painful!

So I’ll start with the day after my due date, I saw the consultant that booked me in for induction on May 4th. 11 days after my due date, if that wasn’t enough to make me miserable the amount of jokes my husband was coming out with about our baby being born on Star Wars day was enough reason to not allow this baby to be born that date.

I was given a stretch and sweep at that appointment and was told I was 2cm dilated and she could easily pop my waters there and then. Of course I begged her to but she wasn’t having any of it, so off home I went. Nothing came from the stretch and sweep which was disappointing because the one I had with Finn put me into labour, albeit slow labour.

Two days later Belle was been very quiet (not the active baby she usually was) so i phoned triage and they told me to come in. This was now the 4th time I had had reduced movements in this pregnancy. So the doctor decided to bring my induction forward to the next day! So 7 days earlier than planned. I was elated because I was scared the further I would go over the bigger she would get, and that Finns birth may happen all over again.

I was told to keep my phone on me Monday and they would phone me when they had a bed free.

Obviously I didn’t sleep at all that night. I wasn’t nervous, just so so excited. I got up really early cleaned the kitchen, all the bathrooms, finished packing all the bags and eagerly awaited a call. It got to one o’clock and I still hadn’t had a call. I had made me and Finn lunch and we had cuddles on the sofa, I didn’t put him down for his nap I wanted a last afternoon just me and him, so we curled up and watched tv. I began getting random period pains but didn’t over think it because I was always getting Braxton hicks. After an hour I noticed I was still getting them, and they were becoming more regular. Still not overly thinking into it I decided to time them. I was getting them every 8 minutes. I knew 8 minutes wasn’t much though so just kept it to myself self and continued snuggling Finn. An hour later they were 6 minutes apart, and I found myself needing to take deep breaths through each one. Finn had nodded off on the sofa so I ran myself a quick bath with Clary Sage Oil as it helps to relax. I continued timing them in the bath and they had gone from being 6 minutes to 5 minutes apart. I called through to ash who was working from home and said ‘ermm I think I might be in labour, maybe you should take Finn to my mums and I’ll ring the hospital’. So that’s what we did. The hospital though didn’t have a bed in labour ward for me yet, told me to come get checked in triage.

Just before I got into the car for the hospital

Ash dropped Finn off, I phoned my mum to let her know the plan, and we went to the hospital. As we were driving there labour ward phoned me to say my bed was ready for my induction so we headed straight to that ward, and not triage as ash was allowed in that ward. The pains were getting more intense in the car but I could still breath through them, though at this point couldn’t talk through them. Though I was still texting my friends making jokes saying I was probably still 2cm and being in labour was wishful thinking. In the car my contractions were 3 minutes apart. I know I must sound bonkers not being worried or thinking I was in active labour. But when your last labour was 3 days long, you have zero expectations of your next labour being quick!

We got to the hospital and in our room, though I had mentioned I thought I might have been in labour on the phone, no one had made the connection that it was actually me when I came in, so there was no rush for me to be seen. I was sat in our room for 30 minutes contractions now 2 minutes apart and unbearable. I asked ash to go get someone as I was struggling. I didn’t want to seem like a wimp making a fuss as I had only being in labour for a couple of hours!

The midwife came in introduced herself to me apologised not realising I was in labour and hooked me into the monitors before wanting to check for dilation. I asked about pain relief and was told that would depend how far along I was and they wouldn’t offer me an epidural in the early stages. Another midwife came in and could see my pains were intense so offered me gas and air and I took it!

Then It all went a little wild! Within a minute of gas and air I felt this big urge to push, it was overwhelming and bloody awful. I said to the midwife you need to check me there is not a chance I can sit through more monitoring. I was still fully clothed and the midwife had to peel my leggings off whilst I tried not to push and she checked me for dilation. Her response was something like ‘oh wow 10cm! Can we get some assistance please we are having a baby’ I literally was in a state of shock I had been at the hospital for 40 minutes and I was ready to have a baby!! I asked for an epidural but of course I was too late. Gas and air was taken off me as I wasn’t allowed it pushing so I was left to rely on the TWO paracetamol I had taken two hours prior, to get me through it.

From a mixture of the intense pain and everything happening so fast I can’t remember the next bit very clearly, but a doctor came in with a lot for midwifes they were trying to monitor Belles heart rate but were struggling and when they picked it up it was very low. Finns birth was happening all over again. Little did I know as this point they were prepping me for theatre incase the ventouse delivery they had planned for me didn’t work. I was given an episiotomy to get her out quickly and within two contractions, numerous pushes and just a few minutes Belle flew out, quite literally!

I can’t even describe to you the pain, and won’t because no one needs to know that, but I will never understand why people choose to not have any pain relief, that is not the life for me, but I didn’t have a choice.

She came out so fast we were both in shock, Belle was thrown on my chest the moment I had craved and had taken from me from Finns emergency section. She didn’t cry, they took her away to check her over and though her checks were fine she still didn’t cry for a while just from the shock. I just looked at Ash and remember saying repeatedly ‘I’ve done it, I’ve done it, I can’t believe, I’ve done it’ shaking.

When she began crying she was wrapped up and given to Ash whilst a gave birth to the placenta and they stitched me up, that was lovely. I was given an injection for the stitching and handed the gas and air back which I was beyond grateful for I can tell you.

As soon as I was sorted we were left to it which was so nice, just us three, and we appreciated every second because we knew as soon as we got home it would be a madhouse with an excited little Finn charging about!

In them few hours we FaceTimed family, all stunned she was here already, and I got a shower as I was told if I wanted to go home I would probably be fine to.

I had Belle at 5:51pm and we left the hospital at 4:30am, I didn’t mind waiting I had too much adrenaline to sleep anyway. The hospital were nothing but incredible, as they were trying to get me home they didn’t see the point in taking me to the post natal ward and Ash having to leave so we were able to stay in our room the whole 12 hours. We were supplied with endless amounts of toast, tea and coffee, and even offered meals, Ash too not just me. We waiting so long as one of my last scans showed Belle had an enlarged kidney so she needing checking over by the baby doctor. We are awaiting an ultrasound but she is on antibiotics daily for now.

We got home and collapsed into bed. We woke up around 9, and me and Belle spent the morning together whilst Ash did the food shop, picked up Belle’s antibiotics from the hospital and then collected a very excited Finn to meet his little sister!

Finn is utterly besotted by Belle, who knows how long it will last but for now he is loving every ounce of his sister.

Love Emily, Finn & Belle X

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