‘Congratulation your having a boy’ ‘’oh no wait’’ -Part 2

I almost fell off the bed, Ashs jaw dropped. Our reactions must have said everything because she said ‘please don’t tell me you were told boy’

‘Erm we ARE having a boy!’ Was my response. A 20 minute appointment turned into a 40 minute one as she wanted to be absolutely sure she was correct. She couldn’t have been more confident. We were pretty much told there was no way we were having a boy, she could clearly see the three lines that shows girl parts, we all could. She also told us she had never got a wrong result.

I walked out in a daze. As much as believed her I also couldn’t let myself. I’d mentally got over the fact I wasn’t having a girl, I was going to be a boy mum. And here I was having a carrot dangled in front of me, another chance to have a girl. 2 days later I booked myself in a different scan place, just to have a fresh set of eyes look at the babies parts.

Of course off I went on Monday got to the scan, again I didn’t tell her I knew the gender and she had a similar response ‘great cooperative baby this is definitely a girl’. My mind was blown! I could feel myself getting excited at the concept of a girl, but though I originally would have liked a girl I was feeling a loss for the baby boy we had prepared ourselves to having.

I obviously contacted the bloods company, and just asked how often they had come up with an incorrect result, and there answer was never. Now I was more confused than ever. They kindly offered to retest my blood so at 16 weeks I had my 3rd blood test. I remember I was meant to receive the blood results on a Wednesday but I didn’t, my anxiety was through the roof! It had turned out I had changed history 🤣 my results had come back as girl and they were stunned. On Thursday I received numerous emails asking for me to phone them (usually you would receive your result through email) so I did and then I was told I now have no male chromosomes in my blood.

Now the question EVERYONE asked me, and I asked myself many times. What happened? There are a couple of explanations

1. The bloods company said it would seem they may have picked chromosomes up from Finns pregnancy that are still lingering in my blood.

2. My midwife explained quite a plausible idea called vanishing twin syndrome. I’m no expert but it’s where you lose a twin so early on you don’t realise, your body absorbs them so you have their DNA in your body (if this is the case the vanishing twin was a boy). Twins do run is Ashs family, and supposedly vanishing twin syndrome is quite a common thing but most people don’t realise they have suffered it as you lose the twin so early on with no signs.

3. The third explanation (and trust me I have though about this a lot 🤣) is its an intersex child born with both genders. But this doesn’t explain the third result being a girl.

Only time will tell. I won’t completely believe we are having a girl until we have the baby!

Love Emily & Finn X

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